Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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Vietnam tourist visa application form

Generally, a Vietnam tourist visa application form consists of 2 parts: Visa information and personal information. Here are the details:

1. Visa information
- Type of visa: 1month single/1month multiple/3 month single/3 month multiple
- Purpose of visit: Vacation/Business (Pick up “vacation” to apply for a tourist visa)
- Date of arrival: dd/mm/yyyy (unnecessary to submit the exact date of arrival, but it should be the closest date to the arrival date)
- Date of exit: dd/mm/yyyy
- Arrival airport: Hanoi/Danang/Saigon
- Kinds of service: Normal (2 working days)/urgent (1 working day)/super-urgent (4 working hours)

2. Personal information
- Full name: exactly as it is shown on your passport
- Passport number:
- Date of birth: dd/mm/yyyy
- Gender: Male/Female
- Passport expiration date: dd/mm/yyyy
- Nationality: Name of your country


- Double check your Vietnam visa application form before submitting to make sure that all your details are accurate 100%. Please inform us at once for correction if you catch any mistake. However, if your notification comes to us after your visa status changes into “Processing”, we can not fix anything for you. The only choice for you in this situation is to apply for a new visa for Vietnam.

- Besides, we highly recommend you to check email regularly during 2 processing day to update information about your visa. In case you do not get the confirmation email in your inbox right after your Vietnam visa application is submitted, please check your spam folder.


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