Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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Visa on arrival in Vietnam

Vietnam visa on arrival is actually a legitimate alternative to obtain visa to Vietnam with the same conditions and limitations attached to its use. Instead of going directly to the Vietnam Embassy/Consulate, the foreigners are able to get a Vietnam visa from their home in a short time.

At present, visa on arrival is the quickest way to obtain a visa Vietnam. In deed, after 2 working days only since Vietnam visa application is well-received and the payment is verified, you will get visa approval letter with a read stamp of Vietnam Immigration Department on it. With visa on arrival, you do not need to worry about the Vietnam visa fee because it is surprisingly cheap compared to the fee you are charged by Vietnam Embassy/Consulate. Vietnam visa on arrival is specially benificial to people whose country doesn’t have Vietnam Embassy such as Singapore, Colombia, Ireland… The requirements of Vietnam visa on arrival are very simple. Apart from an online visa application form, the applicants are not required to submit any paper for the visa process. Applying for visa on arrival at, the customers will receive the quickest support from our staffs and get latest information about your visa process day by day. Same legitimate, more reasonable fee, less requirements, faster process and quick assistance, that are elements that make visa on arrival become the best way for foreigners to obtain a visa for Vietnam. However, visa on arrival is only accepted for people who enter Vietnam by air. For those who come to Vietnam by other modes of transport, we advise you to apply for a visa Vietnam at embassy.


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