Monday, August 25, 2014

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How to get Vietnam visa on arrival in Denmark

 Under the visa exemption rule, Danish citizens are granted 15 day-visa free entry to Vietnam. If Danish passport holders wish to overstay for a longer period, they will need a visa for Vietnam. In that case, the Danish visitors should see guidance on getting Vietnam visa on arrival in Denmark.

Vietnam visa on arrival is a legitimate alternative way to get a Vietnam visa for Danish citizens traveling to Vietnam by air. It is a quality choice for those who want to spend less money, time and energy in getting a visa. The steps below will give you an overview about how Vietnam visa on arrival works.

1.    Fill out the online application form
2.   Pay visa service fee to get visa approval letter
3.   Receive visa approval letter by email within 2 working days
4.   Get visa stamp and collect your visa at arrival airport

On emergency, the Danish citizens could request our rush visa service to get urgent Vietnam visa on arrival

Urgent process: 1 working day
Super-urgent process: 4 working hours
1 working hour process: 1 working hour

Apart from visa approval letter, the Danish citizens have to prepare the following documents for visa stamping process at the airport:

-      Original passport (remain valid for at least 6 months)
-      A recent passport-sized photo
-      Entry and exit form (being sent in ac company with visa approval letter)
-      Stamping fee (USD/VND): USD 45 for single entry, USD 65 for 1 month multiple entry, USD 95 for 3 month multiple entry)

The stamping process may range from 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on the number of foreigners getting visa stamp at that time. For those who travel to Vietnam for the first time, stamping assistance service is really helpful.


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