Monday, August 25, 2014

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Vietnam visa on arrival or in advance

 Vietnam visa on arrival at airport and Vietnam visa before arrival at embassy. Which is better? Read and have your own answer.

1. Vietnam visa on arrival

* Advantages: cheap, easy, quick, convenient.

- Cheap: the Vietnam visa fee is always lower than the fee given by the embassies. Read details about Vietnam visa on arrival cost at this page

- Easy: No documents required
- Quick: maximum 48 working hours
- Convenient: application, payment and result delivery are all made online

*Disadvantanges: available for air entry only

How to apply?

- Submit Vietnam visa application online
- Pay service fee with your credit card
- Receive visa approval letter via email
- Get visa stamp at arrival airport and pick up your visa

2. Vietnam visa in advance at embassy

* Advantages: available for all kinds of entry

* Disadvantages: expensive fee, long process (3-5 working days), inconvenient (for those who live far away from the embassy), documents required

How to apply?

Go directly to the embassy in your country and submit the following documents:

- Original passport (the passport must be valid for at least 6 months prior to the date of entry to Vietnam)
- A completed application form accompanied with a passport-sized photo
- A prepaid return envelop if you wish to receive the passport by post
- Visa approval from Vietnam Immigration Department arranged by your sponsor/business partner in Vietnam (for business visa)
- Vietnam visa fee (in cash)

Note: Mail application is accepted at several Vietnam embassies.


- Vietnam visa on arrival is perfect for those who travel to Vietnam by air
- Vietnam visa in advance at embassy is advisable for those who enter Vietnam by sea/land.


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