Monday, August 25, 2014

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Entry and exit form at the airport

 Entry and exit form at the airport is required document for you when entering Vietnam by air. It would be given to you by Vietnamese travel agencies when you applying for a Vietnam visa on arrival on their website. Vietnam Visa Easy is one of the travel companies authorized to assist foreigners in obtaining visa on arrival. Normally, we send the entry and exit form along with visa approval letter to the applicants after the process is completed. Or, the applicants could download the form on our website if they want. Below is guidance on filling out the form.

 - Name and surname: must be written in CAPITAL and exactly as shown in your passport.
 - Date of birth: dd/mm/yyyy
 - Sex: Male/Female
 - Place of birth:  includes name of city and country
 - Nationality at birth/Present nationality: write both nationalities if you have. For example: United States / British (not American or British).
 - Kinds of passport:  diplomatic passport, official passport or popular passport.
 - Profession and place of employment: your current occupation.
 - Present address and phone number: fill out your permanent address in your country and phone number in case we need to contact you.
 - Children accompanying: If you travel with kids, fill out their full name, date of birth and their relation with you. If not, just leave it blank.
 - Purpose of entry and exit: You could fill “Vacation/business/study/work/others” depending on  purpose of your travel.
 - Name, address of office, organization or full name of relation, address of your relatives to contact while in Vietnam: this can be the name of the hotel if you are a tourist, or a company if you are businessman. In case you travel with a travel agency, you should write the name of the travel company.
 -  Proposed duration to entry and exit Vietnam: write down the validity of your visa.
 - Entry and exit time: You should fill “single” if you apply for 1/3 month(s) single entry visa  or “multiple”  if you apply for 1/3 month(s) multiple entry visa.
 - Port of arrival and  departure: Write down your arrival  (Noi Bai airport, Danang Airport,….) and departure (Tan Son Nhat airport, Noi Bai airport, Moc Bai border gate….) . You might be requested to show a return flight ticket in special cases.

 - For “Done at”:write down the name of the arrival airport  where you get visa stamped.
 - For “On“: write down the date that you check  in at Vietnam airport.
 - The footer of the form: Those who apply for Vietnam visa on arrival should ignore this item because you are going to get your stamped at Vietnam airport, you need not to send anything to Vietnam Embassy.


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