Monday, September 8, 2014

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Visum Vietnam on arrival

 In spite of being a newcomer, visum Vietnam on arrival has become popular to foreign visitors to Vietnam. This is understandable as Vietnam visum on arrival has beneficial features such as accessibility, economy, validity and simplicity. For this reason, the applicants are able to easily obtain it.

Vietnam visa on arrival is also called visa at the airport because it is picked up directly at the airport. In order to get visa stamp at arrival airport, the applicants must apply for a visa approval letter through a Vietnamese travel website in advance. The following are 4 steps to get a  Vietnam visum on arrival.

- Complete the application form online

Be careful to fill out the form if you don’t want to make error on it

- Pay service fee to get visa approval letter

The payment is made through online payment gateway, which is very secure and fast. Read more Vietnam visa fee

- Receive visa approval letter via email

Normally, the visa approval letter will be sent within 2 working days. However, the process may be faster if you apply for urgent service (1 working day), super-urgent service (4 working hours) or 1 working hour service.

- Get visa stamp and collect your visa at the airport

The stamping process will require you to submit: origin passport, entry and exit form, visa approval letter, latest passport-sized photo, stamping fee (VND/USD). The process may last 15 or 60 minutes depending on the amount of people getting visa stamp at that time. If you desire a super-fast process, stamping assistance service is suggested.

Before applying for a Vietnam visum please make sure that your passport remains valid for at least 6 months prior to the date of entry to Vietnam. Otherwise, you may get hassle with the airlines.


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