Monday, August 25, 2014

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Vietnam visa on arrival recommendation

 In order to see why Vietnam visa on arrival should be your priority when applying for a visa for Vietnam, we should get to know what is visa on arrival and special features that make it distinction.

Vietnam visa on arrival is an alternative way to obtain Vietnam visa for air travelers that is applied online but collected at arrival airport. If you have dout about its legitimate, please inform that Vietnam visa on arrival is 100% legitimate because it is issued by Immigration Department and recognized by IATA (International Air Traffic Association).

Why should be Vietnam visa on arrival?

1. Vietnam visa on arrival is easy

- All working online: application, payment, delivery
- Free from document

2. Vietnam visa on arrival is cheap

Visit here to see specific information about the Vietnam visa on arrival fee

3. Vietnam visa on arrival is quick

- Quick application: apply online in a few minutes
-  Fast process: 2 working days for normal service, 1 working day for urgent service, 4 working hours for super-urgent service

4. Vietnam visa on arrival is convenient

-  Especially convenient for busy persons or those who live far from the embassy

5. Prompt assistance

- Easy contact by phone, email, or live chat. All the questions are answered immediately by our staffs.

Vietnam visa on arrival is said to be the “best version” of Vietnam visa. For all benefits that visa on arrival could bring to you, you can not say “No” to it.

Should you have any concerns about  visa Vietnam, please do not hesitate to contact us at hotline:  (00) 84 962 655 556, email:


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