Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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Vietnam visa on arrival for sea entry

For those who travel to Vietnam by cruise, we are sorry to inform that you are not eligible for Vietnam visa on arrival . Basically, visa on arrival is stamped and granted directly at the arrival airport. Therefore, you can not get a visa on arrival unless you enter Vietnam by air. Nevertheless, there is still a good way to obtain visa to Vietnam for cruise ship travellers. Just going to the nearest Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in your place and they are willing to arrange you a Vietnam visa in a few days.

Generally, procedure to get a Vietnam visa by cruise ship at the embassy of Vietnam consists of 3 steps:

1. Submit directly required documents: a valid and origin passport; an application form attached with a passport photo; Vietnam visa fee.
2. Collect the visa after 3-5 working days
3. Check the visa carefully and notify the embassy if you catch any mistakes.


- For some Vietnam embassies, the applicants are required to submit the visa approval through sponsor or business partner in Vietnam if they apply for business visa. Contact the consular section to get help in case you have no sponsor.

- The visa fees are different among the embassies. Therefore, you are advise to contact with the embassy where you are applying to know the specific fee.

- Postal Vietnam visa application is accepted at several Vietnam embassies. Contact the embassy to ask about this if you live far away from embassy office.


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