Monday, August 25, 2014

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Date of entry

 Should I provide the exact date of entry is the frequent question of most of applicants who apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival for the first time. If you are also concerned about this, here is your answer.

You are NOT required to provide exactly the arrival date to Vietnam. However, it’s recommended that you should provide the intended date of arrival because it will be the date that your visa validity starts from. The visa validity is the length of time you are permitted to travel to Vietnam and you must exit Vietnam before the visa expiration date.

For example: If you apply for one month visa with intended arrival date is 3th May 2014, your visa will be valid for one month from 3th May 2014 to 3th June 2014. This means that you are allowed to enter Vietnam anytime during this duration but must leave before or on 3th June 2014. If you just want to come to Vietnam only one time, the single visa is good for you. In the case you wish to visit Vietnam more than one time during period while the Vietnam visa is valid, the multiple visa is your best choice.

In summary:

- Exact date of entry is not required but intended date of arrival is advisable
- Enter Vietnam only when the visa Vietnam is valid and leave Vietnam before the visa expires
- Apply for single visa for one-time entry and multiple visa for multiple entries.

Visit FAQs page to see more answers about Vietnam visa on arrival. Any questions about visa to Vietnam please send to support email:


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